The Ingham Auto Academy has been created to help you develop and succeed in your chosen career within the automotive industry. The automotive industry is not often considered as a choice after school or university, but yet has many different opportunities to fast-track your career in people management, dealer operations, marketing, accounts/administration and logistics.

The Ingham Auto Academy takes a structured approach to learning in a supportive environment so you can develop and move upwards in your career quickly. All entry-level courses are nationally recognised certificates and completed on-the-job within your position at one of the Ingham dealerships. 

  • Corporate or Technicial Roles
  • National Certificates
  • Industry Recognised Training
  • On-The-Job Learning
  • Support
  • Leadership Skills
  • Practical Experience
  • Career Development


To be in the Ingham Auto Academy, you must be employed at an Ingham dealership. To apply to be considered for a position within the Ingham Group, sign-up to our Ingham Auto Academy register. You don’t need to have previous qualifications or experience, just a cover letter explaining your career aspirations. Then the Ingham HR team will be able to contact you for an interview. If you pass this stage, you’ll be automatically short-listed for future vacancies that suit you within Ingham Group. No CV required!


The Ingham Group is one of New Zealand’s largest vehicle dealers with 250 staff with multiple dealerships in Auckland, Waikato, Tauranga, Taupo, and Hawkes Bay. The career opportunities for Ingham employees exceed far past sales and the workshop. Employees can work towards people management, dealer operations, marketing or finance to name a few. 

Mercedes-Benz Auckland
Mercedes-Benz Hamilton
Hyundai Hamilton

Mitsubishi Hamilton
Mitsubishi Te Awamutu
Mercedes-Benz Tauranga

Mercedes-Benz Hawkes Bay
Hyundai Taupo
Isuzu Taupo

Mitsubishi Taupo
Kia Taupo


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